Some days are just more memorable than others..

This past Friday, on the last day of Spring Turkey season here in Oklahoma, my daughter and I spent our entire day in the woods. This is nothing out of the ordinary for us, as we often spend our days outdoors, but this day was far from ordinary. As we watched the sunrise through the … Continue reading Some days are just more memorable than others..

Live Free

Do you ever feel like there is a message that you REALLY need to hear? When everywhere you turn, there is a scripture, word or message that seems to be repeating itself? I have definitely felt that way this week. Everywhere I have turned, I have had the reminder that God loves us, period. It … Continue reading Live Free

Female Hunters: Tasting Wild Podcast with special guests Julie McQueen, Jessica Taylor & Lauren Hill-Lesagonicz-

I always enjoy hearing from other ladies in the hunting world, and I think this podcast covers a lot of great information! Not to mention, the ladies speaking are all very incredible women!

When you’re finished with the podcast, check out Jeremiah’s blog. He has TONS of great recipes, and I promise you will be hungry after scrolling through!

As a father of two amazing daughters I strive to show my daughters that they can do anything they want. That just because they are girls this doesn’t mean they can’t get out there and compete with the boys. One of the areas I try to show my girls that they can do it and be great at it is hunting. When I take my 5 year old out in the field with me I get looks of “really” and words I dare no repeat. I hear from many fathers of daughters and female hunters alike that they to hear these negative comments.

But within the hunting industry itself this idea of female hunters is actually exploding. Female hunters are showing up on more shows, magazines and social media feeds than ever before. Some of these females are representing the industry and females in a negative light. Giving the haters…

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