Rockstarlette Bowhunting

I am happy to announce that I have been selected as Field Staff for Rockstarlette Bowhunting!!

“I created/founded Rockstarlette Bowhunting from the ground up. It is a company that is built on the idea of empowering other women, building others up – rather than tearing them down, encouraging and promoting bowhunting for women. I can’t stand some of the things I see in social media, women tearing each other apart, competing, trying to “one up” each other. Its so negative! Myself and my team of staff shooters want to build a community of women who support each other, who are proud of each others accomplishments, who celebrate each others victories! My favorite saying is “be someone who makes everybody feel like somebody!” – Joni Kiser




Joni is an incredible, selfless woman who is very passionate about teaching others about archery. She has a list of accomplishments a mile long, and I am very honored to be a part of her company.

You want to know what the best part is? There are 8 MORE wonderful women on staff!! They are all strong women who are passionate about the outdoors. Today, women are SO critical of other women, and I think we should all encourage one another… after all, we’re all in this together!! Finding a group of women who feels the same way is just amazing!!

“Rockstarlette Bowhunting is a female owned and operated company that strives to empower & support women who are passionate about the outdoors & bowhunting. We are all about creating a community of Grrrls who are strong, fierce & confident and who are driven to support and encourage other women to pursue their passion for archery and hunting!”

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Thirty-One National Conference

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Thirty-One National Conference. I was joined by 3 of my personal team members, and accompanied by around 30 members of our whole team. This event is truly a life-changing experience. There is just something incredible about being surrounded by 9,000 positive women.

The company is built on a solid, Christian foundation. This made the conference very refreshing and uplifting. I have always loved the values behind the company, and they are very evident at events like this.

A BIG moment for me was when I had the opportunity to walk the stage for my promotion to DIRECTOR!! Right after walking the stage, I had my photo taken with Cindy Monroe, CEO of the company!! Woot Woot!

I’ll give you a little history to my journey with Thirty-One. In January 2013, I promoted to Director with Thirty-One with a small team of about 7 ladies. I worked really hard to get that promotion, but just felt like it wasn’t the “right time.” After a few shorts months, I lost my title and was a little discouraged. For a while, I just half-way worked my business. I wasn’t on the right path with God, and just wasn’t as motivated as I had been in the past about Thirty-One. I thought MY plan for Thirty-One was bigger than HIS, and that ultimately got in the way of my success. Fast forward a couple years to the beginning of 2015. I had finally surrendered my business to God and put it in His hands. I knew now that everything was going to work in his perfect timing for me, and that made a HUGE difference not only in my business, but in my life.  I suddenly started recruiting like a rockstar, and was able to recruit 8 ladies since January! This helped me build my team STRONGER and I was able to DIQ in April, and officially re-promote to Director in May!!!

I truly believe that ANYTHING is possible when you put God first in your life. If you surrender everything over to him, it doesn’t leave you helpless… it makes you that much more powerful because God is on your side!! I know it’s hard to do sometimes because our human self takes over and wants to control things, but I promise it will make all the difference in your life! 🙂

Here  are a few fun pictures from our trip to conference!! 🙂

This is my friend Keely. We didn’t know each other at ALL before we got into her van and drove 10 hours to Colorado together! We gained an amazing friendship out of the deal, and I am super thankful we decided to travel with complete strangers ! 😛

This is my new Friend Amy, and my Senior Director “Grandma” in the company, Melinda at dinner one evening!

This is a group of our team headed to lunch!

Here are my 3 roomies at conference!! Elizabeth and Kelsey are both on my team! Elizabeth joined in May and already attended her first conference!! Woohoo! Kelsey has been a friend of mine for a decade, and this was her first conference as well! 🙂

Here are a few pictures from awards dinner! Melinda and Diana have both been amazing on this journey with Thirty-One ! I am thankful for them both!

These are my beautiful team members who joined me at conference!! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful women!

And OF COURSE, I had to stop at Bass Pro in Denver! I had to drag the other 3 girls along, but they didn’t complain too much! 😛

Out enjoying Denver!


I shared a picture last night on my Instagram that Camden was coloring as we were getting ready for bed. It made me smile when I saw what she drew, because it shows what her focus is right now. Since getting into archery, Camden has had one goal… Increase her draw weight to be able to bow hunt. When she first started shooting (With a DW of 10 lbs), she saw this goal as a long-term goal, something she may be able to accomplish in the next few years. However, with each passing month, her goal becomes more short-term.

camden drawing

Weighing only 46 pounds soaking wet, that would mean that Camden would need to pull back 3/4 of her body weight to be able to hunt this upcoming season. (30 lbs is legal for Oklahoma)

Not only has Camden been shooting her bow daily, but she has also been doing light strength training with me in the evenings. We recently added 5 pounds to her draw weight, and she is hoping to add 5 pounds a month until season opens. In addition to increasing her draw weight, she must also be able to consistently shoot tight groups. I definitely won’t allow her to shoot at an animal until we are certain that she can make a clean kill.

While it will still likely be a few years before she can reach her goal, I admire her for trying. This is a great example of why it is important to get our kids involved in the outdoors. Camden is able to set a goal for herself, and through diligence and determination, strive to meet that goal. With hunting, there will always be goals that she can set for herself. I highly doubt that she would receive the same life lessons and values by sitting on the couch playing video games or watching tv. I’m not saying that video games are the devil, and kids shouldn’t be allowed to play them… I am just saying that we need to make sure we are DOING things with our children also, rather than just using a device to entertain them.

Break Up Country

I have always preferred Mossy Oak camo, so I was ecstatic when we were asked to help with some advertising for their newest camo.

On my birthday this year, I received a call asking if we could be in Missouri the following week to shoot a commercial for Mossy Oak’s new camo. Umm.. OF COURSE!

So… we loaded up, traveled a little over 5 hours, and arrived in Missouri.


We spent the weekend in a nice little cabin and filmed for 2 days. It was SUCH a neat experience!


We made a little trip to Springfield so Camden could see Bass Pro. She has an obsession with Bass Pro, and we can’t go near one without stopping. ( I guess I can’t blame that all on the kid 😛 )


You really should check out their new camo! It is more versatile, and could easily be worn throughout early and late season. The larger prints help to break up your outline, and the colors are true to nature.

Camden MO Commercial

Stepping outside my comfort zone…

I have been thinking about creating a blog for some time now. After many asking if I had a blog, and recommending I create a blog, I decided it was time.

With Oklahoma’s bowseason just a few months away (FINALLY!), I figured this was the perfect time. I look forward to sharing a little glimpse of our lives with you.

If you have ever searched for  “Single Mom Hunters” or “Single Mom Hunting,” you know that you won’t find much on the topic besides “Single Moms Job Hunting,” or more popular, “Single Moms Hunting For Men.” Since I am not hunting for a job, nor am I hunting for a man… I decided that I needed to create a blog to share what I DO love hunting for, wild game. It isn’t often that you see single women hunting, much less single moms, so I would like to share my adventures with my daughter, in hopes that other single moms will feel encouraged to step outdoors with their children as well.