Rockstarlette Bowhunting

I am happy to announce that I have been selected as Field Staff for Rockstarlette Bowhunting!! “I created/founded Rockstarlette Bowhunting from the ground up. It is a company that is built on the idea of empowering other women, building others up – rather than tearing them down, encouraging and promoting bowhunting for women. I can’t … Continue reading Rockstarlette Bowhunting


Thirty-One National Conference

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Thirty-One National Conference. I was joined by 3 of my personal team members, and accompanied by around 30 members of our whole team. This event is truly a life-changing experience. There is just something incredible about being surrounded by 9,000 positive women. The company is built … Continue reading Thirty-One National Conference


I shared a picture last night on my Instagram that Camden was coloring as we were getting ready for bed. It made me smile when I saw what she drew, because it shows what her focus is right now. Since getting into archery, Camden has had one goal... Increase her draw weight to be able … Continue reading Determination