My favorite bible journaling supplies!

Hey, y’all!

I have lots of people ask what my favorite/go-to products are, so I thought I would include them all in one place! You don’t need these things to get started, and I don’t necessarily use them all the time, but this is just what I’ve accumulated over the 3 years I’ve been bible journaling!

Bibles I am currently journaling/reading in:

Inspire Bible -This bible already has some illustrations in it, and Camden and I both actually this one!! πŸ™‚

Here’s the paperback version of the Inspire bible for a steal!

Journal The Word BibleΒ -This is my “Note-taking” bible. I love the wide margins. I have decided to read through the bible this year, and I’m using this bible to take notes as I make my way through!

Journal the Word BibleΒ -I also have this bible, but in turquoise, of course!! This is my main journaling bile!

She Reads Truth Bible – This is my newest bible. It is probably the most amazing study bible I’ve seen to date. It just released, and I have enjoyed reading through it so far. There are great devotionals, timelines, wide margins, beautiful hand lettered scriptures, the list goes on and on.


These are my go-to pens!


Kuretake Fude Brush Pen

Kuretake Two Pack

Tombow Two Pack Brush Pen

Illustrated Faith Pens 2 pack

These are the highlighters I like to use in my note-taking because they keep my bible bright and fun, and help me to kind of keep things color-coded so I know what I’m studying!

Sharpie Highlighters 10 pack

These are fun because you can use them like water colors! I built up my collection slowly, but you can buy them in a pack all together, as well!

Kuretake Clean Color Pens


I love these because I can use these with a waterbrush and paint ANYWHERE without making a mess! There are lots of different sizes you can purchase, I would just get whichever pack you can afford! The larger packages obviously have more colors. They will last forever, and if you’re like me… they will get lots of use!

Neocolor ii

Neocolor ii 36 pack

Neocolor ii 84 pack

I like to use the waterbrushes instead of the regular brushes for watercolors. It’s all just personal preference, though!

Pentel Aquash Waterbrush 3 pack




This is a MUST HAVE if you plan on painting in your bible. It protects your pages from too much bleed through, and it also has a super cute cross stencil!

Illustrated Faith Mat

I like to make all my own tabs. Not only for my books of the bible, but also for the tops of the pages to show what pages I’ve journaled, so this has been one of my best investments so far!

Tab Punch

Again, like I said.. you don’t HAVE to haveΒ ANY of this to get started. These are just my favorite items that I’ve accumulated over the last 3 years. I just thought I would share my favorites with you for those that have asked! If you have any questions about any of them, let me know!